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Geometric Chest Tattoo

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Geometric Chest Tattoo

A variation on a theme.. I didn’t do the numbers..


Geometric Patternwork Shoulder Tattoo

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Geometric Patternwork Shoulder Tattoo

This was finished sometime last year – very much inspired by the work of Xed Le Head and Tomas Tomas.. Lots of fun

Well heeled

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It’s been awhile since my last post; bloody busy!! Back on track now… Here’s some nice healed photos of Enrique’s arm (for a more long-winded explanation check out my earlier post!) Always good to see how stuff heals up and these came out pretty good I reckon…

More to come very soon

Careful with that rotary…

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Here’s some nice healed pics of a geometric piece I did on Ayhan (; who’s gonna design my website yay!  Took fucking ages as this style demands but I had a lot of fun doing it – good conversation always helps too! Obviously nothing that hasn’t been done before but like I say; you gotta know the rules before you can break them..

That’s kinda my thing right now actually – learning the rules – I think it’s important to have a solid foundation in whatever creative pursuit you engage in, be it tattooing; music; design, whatever! Otherwise you’re doomed to repeat what others have already done; whilst believing yourself to be the first(!), and never progressing beyond amateur level. This is especially true within tattooing where it is; a) important to have a ‘sense of history’ in your work, and; b) essential to follow ‘the rules’ because there’s only certain things that are gonna work on skin and stand the test of time. It’s therefore imperative to ‘respect you elders’ and analyze the work of the masters; find out why they do what they do and do it yourself! Only then is it possible to ‘find your own style’… The way I see it; loads of other people have already made the mistakes for me, I just gotta listen to what say and learn from that so I don’t have to repeat those same errors unnecessarily!! Not to say I haven’t made mistakes of course; and learned from them! But I would’ve made a great many more, especially in my early days, had I not listened to what I was told by people with far superior knowledge and experience to myself..

Ok sorry, this is starting to become a rant now! In short I just think it’s important to learn your craft properly before trying to take it somewhere new.. But don’t copy directly.. Shit, this has to stop or I’m going to argue myself insane!! More to come as and when… Thanks to Sasha for the photography tips.. I’ll take nice photos one of these days!!

Some neo-traditional, old school-modernist, abstract, dot-shaded, pointillistic, geometric, uuuuh; tattooing

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Finished this on Enrique the other day (healed pics to come; change the record dude!)… Obviously influenced by what Mr Xed Lehead was doing about 10 years ago but, like I always say; you gotta know the rules before you can break them!! I didn’t do the wiggly Buddha-man-thing; everything else is me!! Loads of fun; more like this please!!