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Geometric Chest Tattoo

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Geometric Chest Tattoo

A variation on a theme.. I didn’t do the numbers..


Well heeled

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It’s been awhile since my last post; bloody busy!! Back on track now… Here’s some nice healed photos of Enrique’s arm (for a more long-winded explanation check out my earlier post!) Always good to see how stuff heals up and these came out pretty good I reckon…

More to come very soon

Some neo-traditional, old school-modernist, abstract, dot-shaded, pointillistic, geometric, uuuuh; tattooing

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Finished this on Enrique the other day (healed pics to come; change the record dude!)… Obviously influenced by what Mr Xed Lehead was doing about 10 years ago but, like I always say; you gotta know the rules before you can break them!! I didn’t do the wiggly Buddha-man-thing; everything else is me!! Loads of fun; more like this please!!