Wabbit Season

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Did this cute little fucker on Maya today; loads of fun. She sat like a rock which always helps tremendously and I had a blast! I’m really enjoying doing animals in this kind of ‘semi-realistic’ style; trying to find a good balance between realism and the whole Chinese ‘capturing the essence’ of what your trying to represent thing – which obviously lends itself to tattooing… This was taken from a colour painting she brought me, but she asked for it in black and grey. I initially wanted to do it in colour because I honestly didn’t have much of a clue how I was gonna tackle it in black and grey, but I think it came out pretty sweet… I used what I call pigment greys (mixed with white) rather than grey washes, I like the ‘textured’ look the white gives (initially at least!) and it creates a slightly different look compared with grey wash stuff; it’s nice to have a mix of both in a piece too, stops it from flattening out I guess… Hopefully get a healed photo in time; will be nice to see it healed – it’s certainly a bit bloody here!! More like this please!!


Careful with that rotary…

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Here’s some nice healed pics of a geometric piece I did on Ayhan (www.ayhan.oensal.net); who’s gonna design my website yay!  Took fucking ages as this style demands but I had a lot of fun doing it – good conversation always helps too! Obviously nothing that hasn’t been done before but like I say; you gotta know the rules before you can break them..

That’s kinda my thing right now actually – learning the rules – I think it’s important to have a solid foundation in whatever creative pursuit you engage in, be it tattooing; music; design, whatever! Otherwise you’re doomed to repeat what others have already done; whilst believing yourself to be the first(!), and never progressing beyond amateur level. This is especially true within tattooing where it is; a) important to have a ‘sense of history’ in your work, and; b) essential to follow ‘the rules’ because there’s only certain things that are gonna work on skin and stand the test of time. It’s therefore imperative to ‘respect you elders’ and analyze the work of the masters; find out why they do what they do and do it yourself! Only then is it possible to ‘find your own style’… The way I see it; loads of other people have already made the mistakes for me, I just gotta listen to what say and learn from that so I don’t have to repeat those same errors unnecessarily!! Not to say I haven’t made mistakes of course; and learned from them! But I would’ve made a great many more, especially in my early days, had I not listened to what I was told by people with far superior knowledge and experience to myself..

Ok sorry, this is starting to become a rant now! In short I just think it’s important to learn your craft properly before trying to take it somewhere new.. But don’t copy directly.. Shit, this has to stop or I’m going to argue myself insane!! More to come as and when… Thanks to Sasha for the photography tips.. I’ll take nice photos one of these days!!

Overcoming incoming shortcomings…

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I wouldn’t usually post a tribal dragon but but as it; a) was a challenge overcome and b) it came out pretty nice I thought I would! Like I say; this isn’t my usual fair so when Weng came in to ask about it I wasn’t massively enthusiastic! I don’t usually draw dragons and I have trouble drawing absract ‘white man’s tribal’; it makes no sense to me! As the design had to go in a specific place there wasn’t really any way of using flash – plus they’re usually pretty gross anyway – so when I finally drew what I though was a pretty damn good dragon tribalising it seemed like sacrilege! Weng wasn’t after a ‘real’ dragon so, with the help of Filip Leu’s excellent book of dragons, I figured out a nice simple way of doing it and the results are here.. I actually had a lot of fun doing this (always a pleasure to tattoo some with nice skin who sits well!) and it came out pretty nice I thought. And I learned a few things as a bonus, yay! Onwards and upwards…

First of the month and no returns

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Did this nice feather today; I don’t do much of this ‘painterly’ style but I really enjoy it. I try to stick to the rules (lots of black, strong shapes etc) so it holds up over time but it’s nice to have the certain amount of freedom this style allows; I love the textural effect too, especially when any white is fresh. It kinda has a nice ‘grainy’ lookthat I like a lot. Will be good to see how it heals up…Also my customer Alex popped in to make an appointment so I grabbed the opportunity to take some photos of the woodcut lilies I did on him awhile back…. I like this style too; a bit different in that you have to be pretty precise with those lines!! If you wanna see this kind of work done by a true master I would suggest checking out the work of Duncan X; gentleman; scholar and all round good egg! One of the most original tattooers out there right now… http://www.duncanx.com

Some neo-traditional, old school-modernist, abstract, dot-shaded, pointillistic, geometric, uuuuh; tattooing

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Finished this on Enrique the other day (healed pics to come; change the record dude!)… Obviously influenced by what Mr Xed Lehead was doing about 10 years ago but, like I always say; you gotta know the rules before you can break them!! I didn’t do the wiggly Buddha-man-thing; everything else is me!! Loads of fun; more like this please!!


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I like tits; all kinds of tits. Tits are great… Tee hee hee!!

Black and grey roses

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Did these on the lovely Brooke just before she moved back to the land of Oz. Probably won’t get any healed pics in that case; which is a shame because they’re gonna end up quite a bit lighter… She asked for them to be light and simple; which definitely is my bag, baby. Lots of fun!

I also figured out if I cover the flash on my camera with my hand I don’t get shiny pictures… Yay!!!