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IMG_1319.. this nifty feather today which I’d forgotten about. It was his first tattoo and he sat like a rock as I recall which always makes me happy! I quite dig this style; there’s a certain freedom and flow when you do most of the work with a magnum – something almost akin to painting (I’d imagine considering I suck at painting; which obviously means it’s a pointless exercise and I’d be far better off in a strip-club) as usual I digress; yes, I like it, lots of fun, tattoos rule blah blah blah follow me on tumblr ( I think; shit I really am like an old man when it comes to all this social blog networking whosyananna wotsits; I feel like Rip Van Winkle – like I just woke up one day and the whole world had changed; it’s crazy man and I don’t like it, not one bit. Humphrey Bogart would not stand for this kind of tomfoolery) blah blah get a tattoo, stay in school, just say no, just do it, don’t go down where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow. Til next time


Geometric Chest Tattoo

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Geometric Chest Tattoo

A variation on a theme.. I didn’t do the numbers..

Geometric Patternwork Shoulder Tattoo

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Geometric Patternwork Shoulder Tattoo

This was finished sometime last year – very much inspired by the work of Xed Le Head and Tomas Tomas.. Lots of fun

Curvilinear dotwork 3/4 sleeve

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Curvilinear dotwork 3/4 sleeve

This is a piece I did on my good friend Tamara last year. It doesn’t really fit into any particular style – I’ve just aimed for something interesting, beautiful and fresh without forgetting the rules..

Hannya, Koi and Lotus Japanese style sleeve

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Hannya, Koi and Lotus Japanese style sleeve

This is my very first ever in the whole wide world Japanese sleeve.. Obviously not traditional Japanese style; more the westernised version popularised by the great Filip Leu – one of my heros. More like this please!

The BBC lays it down about tattoos..

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Hey kids; this is what happens when you get a £20 tattoo in a bloody shopping centre! Although saying that the most likely time to get an infection is AFTER you’ve left the shop and start getting your dirty hands all over it so the jury’s still out on this one for me… They didn’t exactly show an unbiased view of both sides; and if she signed a consent form any legal action she’s pursuing is going nowhere!
It’s kinda shit that everybody (especially doctors) are quick to place blame upon the tattooist – although in this case I’m pretty sure the tattooist was at fault – when it is up to the client to take care of the tattoo once it’s completed. All sorts of things can happen; people don’t always take care of their fresh work very well – going to the pub after and getting it out for all their mates; not washing their hands before touching it, sleeping in dirty sheets etc etc. It’s a one in million that something will get in there but somebody’s gotta be that one I guess!
So Uncle Adam’s tip for the day: Pay good money for your tattoos in a proper shop, and KEEP YOUR GRUBBY PAWS OFF THEM!!! It’s an investment, take care of that investment….
On the other hand; it’s just a fucking tattoo!!! Worse things happen at sea and all that… I bet starving AIDS babies in Africa really feel your plight silly cheapskate English lady…. And on that subject did you see those sweet tats those chicks were rockin’?!?! Goddamn if I haven’t finer craftsmanship than that in my life! I bet Filip Leu is quaking in his boots right now… It’s like hand tattoos are the new tramp stamp; the uglier the better apparently. Weird. Oh well, ho hum; keeps me in Pop Tarts for the time being…

More tattoos to come soon, got a few little bits and bobs on the slow cooker right now, moving in the right direction… I don’t really like putting up unfinished stuff but maybe some in progress shots of the completed pieces when they’re done, we’ll see I guess…

I never know how to end these things; do I say goodbye? Is anyone even reading this or am I basically talking to myself? Which I do anyway actually so it’s just an extension of my psyche in a slightly more tangible form… That’s weird that; are words written on a computer any more tangible than those written on paper? And just how tangible are words written on paper anyway? The paper is tangible; as is the ink. The words on the paper were once thoughts but upon commission to paper they become available to others; so does that make them tangible?? And what about words on a computer? And why do I even care??   Jesus, ok I’m going.

Well heeled

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It’s been awhile since my last post; bloody busy!! Back on track now… Here’s some nice healed photos of Enrique’s arm (for a more long-winded explanation check out my earlier post!) Always good to see how stuff heals up and these came out pretty good I reckon…

More to come very soon