Wabbit Season

Did this cute little fucker on Maya today; loads of fun. She sat like a rock which always helps tremendously and I had a blast! I’m really enjoying doing animals in this kind of ‘semi-realistic’ style; trying to find a good balance between realism and the whole Chinese ‘capturing the essence’ of what your trying to represent thing – which obviously lends itself to tattooing… This was taken from a colour painting she brought me, but she asked for it in black and grey. I initially wanted to do it in colour because I honestly didn’t have much of a clue how I was gonna tackle it in black and grey, but I think it came out pretty sweet… I used what I call pigment greys (mixed with white) rather than grey washes, I like the ‘textured’ look the white gives (initially at least!) and it creates a slightly different look compared with grey wash stuff; it’s nice to have a mix of both in a piece too, stops it from flattening out I guess… Hopefully get a healed photo in time; will be nice to see it healed – it’s certainly a bit bloody here!! More like this please!!


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