Overcoming incoming shortcomings…

I wouldn’t usually post a tribal dragon but but as it; a) was a challenge overcome and b) it came out pretty nice I thought I would! Like I say; this isn’t my usual fair so when Weng came in to ask about it I wasn’t massively enthusiastic! I don’t usually draw dragons and I have trouble drawing absract ‘white man’s tribal’; it makes no sense to me! As the design had to go in a specific place there wasn’t really any way of using flash – plus they’re usually pretty gross anyway – so when I finally drew what I though was a pretty damn good dragon tribalising it seemed like sacrilege! Weng wasn’t after a ‘real’ dragon so, with the help of Filip Leu’s excellent book of dragons, I figured out a nice simple way of doing it and the results are here.. I actually had a lot of fun doing this (always a pleasure to tattoo some with nice skin who sits well!) and it came out pretty nice I thought. And I learned a few things as a bonus, yay! Onwards and upwards…


2 Responses to “Overcoming incoming shortcomings…”

  1. Kicking ‘swirly’ tribal into the twenty-first century!!!!
    Love it

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